You can buy my autobiography "No Time For Innocence" for 15 Euro or equivalent
(including posting charge)

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Hello There!

Wherever I do a gig I know that I will be taking my books along with me – I sold a lot of paperbacks during the amazing run of Goodbye To The Hill at the Regency Hotel between Sept 90 and July 93. This time I really need to sell books – there are so many people writing its harder than ever to sell and right now I have six paperbacks in print which I am keen to shift.

Currently you can buy for around ten Euro:

  •  Barleycorn Blues – Poolbeg Press
  •  Dancers of Fortune ditto
  •  Seasons of Destiny ditto (sequel to Dancers)
  •  Goodbye to the Hill ditto (40th birthday edition)
  •  Paddy Maguire is Dead (Banned in 72 – now a moral book Pub by Killynon House Books!!)
  •  My Middle Name is Lucky! (Killynon again). This is a memoir of a torrid three year ride in Manhattan that is unbelievable, a true story that I couldn’t have made up and I’m the guy that wrote 2 thousand episodes of radio soap in my time.

If you want any of the above contact me at – fifteen Euro will include postage and packing. And I promise you a good read in any of the six.

You can also have a copy of No Time for Innocence (Gill&MacM) for the same price-this being the first volume of autobiography.

At this time I have three movies in the process and two of them are looking good for a production. And the rumour mill has said that Colin Farrell would be a very popular choice to play me in My Middle Name is Lucky. Seems good to me, I can tell you – Colin and I have a lot in common including a strong constitution – how I survived what I did to myself, God alone knows, and the Farrell guy is made of the same stuff.

Well, when you get talent AND good looks you’re bound to be a tad bananas as well!

Bye for now.