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I’ve always been a dreamer and so it goes on.

I suppose a lot of the stories are out of the dream state, and I dream this minute of living a long time because I am convinced I’m really getting the hang of the scribbling trick, and I want to take time from the desk and go and direct plays and movies, be like the great George Abbott, working all day and tripping out of rehearsal, calling a cab and going home like a man who is doing what he wants to do and remains unaffected by other people’s number. Like I don’t relate to my age any more than I did when I was young.

I ran into a guy recently that I hadn’t seen in ages – he was about 35 and a fan of my work – “I thought you were dead and gone.” He said as though that’s what should have happened by now on account of age. “Hang on,” I suggested: “I’m only 68.” He said: “Jesus, I’d hate to be 68!” And I said: “You wouldn’t if you were 67!” That shut the bastard up!

So send the bread and let me send you “No Time For Innocence.” It’ll show you where I’m coming from, so that WHEN WHEN WHEN “Barleycorn Blues” and “Ethics of the Fathers” are published and flying up the best seller lists, you’ll see what I mean about them not being about me. You can tell I’m excited by the way they happened to me. I have to be. I mean, I’ve just written all this for nothing. And some of you aren’t even going to buy “No Time For Innocence.” Never Mind. I forgive you. In back of it all, I’m just an oul’ sweetheart. But, you’d already worked that out for yourself, right!”